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in the heart of the Valdadige of Verona, in the wine-growing area called Terradeiforti, a territory straddling the municipalities of Dolce ‘, Rivoli Veronese, Brentino Belluno and the Trentino area of ​​Avio.


Present for over 90 years in the area, with a look to the past and one to the future

History and culture merge around the world of vines in this part of the Valdadige Veronese. The “Al Molino” farm produces wines such as the native Enantio and Casetta, the Passito del Veneto, Schiava and those with an international taste Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay.

It is possible to taste wines and typical products of the farm, ranging over Bardolino, Custoza and Valpolicella produced on the land for rent in the respective areas.

terra dei forti

What makes us special is the territory and its fruits in generations

The origin of the name is linked to the valley in which the Adige river flows, characterized by a series of medieval castles, called “Forts” which make this area known throughout the world as “Terra dei Forti”. This valley is famous because it has been the link between the Mediterranean and Alpine and European worlds for centuries.

Agriturismo "Al Molino"

Via del Casal, 1
37020 Dolcè (VR) Italy

Sede Azienda Agricola

Via Molino 303
37020 Dolcè (VR) Italy


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